Sunday, September 13, 2009

Live Caricatures 9-12-09

I am posting some of the caricatures I drew at the fundraiser yesterday. There was also a car show, but I didn't get over there to take pictures. All in all it was a pretty low key event, but there were a good number of people who showed up. I liked seeing the racers coming in from the 5k run as well. I think the guy who won was around 16 minutes, pretty fast! It was a beautiful day, especially before noon, but after that it did get a bit hot. I had a ton of fun and people were really happy with their drawings, so that is always a plus.

This mom and young guy had good faces, first one of the day to get warmed up

here was a trio of youngsters, I especially liked the little girls face, great to draw


this little girl couldn't wait to get her drawing, although I couldn't get a full smile out of her for the drawing.

this little guy had a pretty funny smile, once I coerced him into it.

A guy from the car show wanted his truck and his wife in a caricature, so I drew the truck from my camera (very quickly) and then had her sit for me. I was glad to work in a body today, because it's something I don't do often when drawing live, I like to focus on the face.


Here is a caricature of Christy, Izzy's mom, and Izzy is over on the right
christy mcfalls and izzy too

She was a big talker, talking to this and that person or grandchild, so it was a bit harder to keep her smiling, good couple to draw.
Vols Fans

this little guy couldn't be still, he wanted to go play so badly, but I had to draw his sister first so he was about to bolt by the time I finished this one
lil sis big bro

lil sis big bro

these two really played along well

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