Friday, September 18, 2009

Live Drawing - Bride's Lounge

Last night was the bridal show and it was game on for caricatures. I was dying to getting to draw some faces all week, resorting to various celebrities which I will post once finished. The talented faces did not disappoint. Enough chit-chat I know you came here just to look, all I ask is you drop a comment let me know what ya think.

I started off the night by hanging at the limo, thinking back I should have offered rides in it.


Here is one of the vendors Gretchen, she makes awesome cakes.

the guy wasn't too happy about his eyebrows, but good first victims
nice couple

I wish I had some colors for her purple hair, started warming up.
Eyelashes aka Ashley


I enjoyed this one. Unfortunately the flash is a hindrance on a lot of these...
live caricature - Bride's Lounge

live caricature - Bride's Lounge

live caricature - Bride's Lounge

a mumbler, one of the few singles i got to draw.
live caricature - Bride's Lounge

These three were great, the one on the right was complaining about never winning anything during the doorprizes, and low and behold she won while I was drawing her. She also won a "big nose" from me, you can see her smile better in the second photo.
live caricature - Bride's Lounge

live caricature - Bride's Lounge

could have just drawn portraits of these two
live caricature - Bride's Lounge
live caricature - Bride's Lounge

This was the last one of the night. She said she looked crazy in her caricature. Unfortunately the flash got to this one, so I tried to touch it up a bit.
live caricature - Bride's Lounge

live caricature - Bride's Lounge

So as you can see from the photos I am a noob to photographing caricatures, because I should take a close up and one of the subjects separately. Hey, I'm figuring it out as I go.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bride's Lounge - Knoxville

My wife April creates custom wedding invitations and this Thursday there is a little event going on at the Bride's Lounge where she will have her work displayed. The Lounge is a place where various wedding specialists have their work displayed, and brides to be can come in and look at what they have to offer. It's sort of like a year-round bridal show so to speak.

Tomorrow they will be showcasing all the members work in a "Night of Paradise" so if you are a bride, you should stop by and get pampered by the food, dj's, and of course your local caricature :) Yes I will be drawing caricatures, and possibly in color if I can obtain some color sticks today. I haven't used them before, but after looking at a few caricature videos I really wanted to try them, so this will be a good venue to give them a test drive. I've used airbrush before which is nice, but is also very inconvenient to move around and you have sound of the air compressor as well so these may do the trick.

The cost is 5$ if you rsvp online, so I recommend doing that and saving a few bucks ;) Hope to see you there.

If you are interested in custom invitations april's website is and the brides lounge site is

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Live Caricatures 9-12-09

I am posting some of the caricatures I drew at the fundraiser yesterday. There was also a car show, but I didn't get over there to take pictures. All in all it was a pretty low key event, but there were a good number of people who showed up. I liked seeing the racers coming in from the 5k run as well. I think the guy who won was around 16 minutes, pretty fast! It was a beautiful day, especially before noon, but after that it did get a bit hot. I had a ton of fun and people were really happy with their drawings, so that is always a plus.

This mom and young guy had good faces, first one of the day to get warmed up

here was a trio of youngsters, I especially liked the little girls face, great to draw


this little girl couldn't wait to get her drawing, although I couldn't get a full smile out of her for the drawing.

this little guy had a pretty funny smile, once I coerced him into it.

A guy from the car show wanted his truck and his wife in a caricature, so I drew the truck from my camera (very quickly) and then had her sit for me. I was glad to work in a body today, because it's something I don't do often when drawing live, I like to focus on the face.


Here is a caricature of Christy, Izzy's mom, and Izzy is over on the right
christy mcfalls and izzy too

She was a big talker, talking to this and that person or grandchild, so it was a bit harder to keep her smiling, good couple to draw.
Vols Fans

this little guy couldn't be still, he wanted to go play so badly, but I had to draw his sister first so he was about to bolt by the time I finished this one
lil sis big bro

lil sis big bro

these two really played along well

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Portrait for Izzy McFalls Fundraiser

Here is the finished 8x10 portrait I did in pencil. Everyone seemed really impressed with this drawing, even Izzy sort of looked at me kinda funny like "Who is this strange guy that drew me?". Her mom sent me the photo through email, so I was able to draw her without even meeting. I will post the caricatures tomorrow, but for now I'm just going to show you the finished drawing of Izzy. I need to work on my photography I think, simple lighting with the lamp just doesn't seem to be cutting it...but it will have to do for now.



Thursday, September 10, 2009

Izzy McFalls Fund Raiser

This weekend is the Izzy McFalls fund raiser. I got in contact with Christy McFalls she sent me a great picture of Izzy to draw. I am donating it as well as half of my proceeds from caricatures this Saturday. I plan on drawing from around 10am - 2pm or later. There is a 5k race in the morning, a car show, and a carnival. I think I will be located somewhere around the kids section, but that might change between now and then.

Here is the portrait in progress

Portrait for Izzy McFalls Fundraiser