Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Portrait for Kerri and Jamie


Another portrait in acrylic. They had a really good photo to work from so I didn't have to change a whole lot. Sometimes I will get either a small photo or some snapshot that is out of focus so was able to just have fun painting rather than working out a good composition.


Pace Runner said...

Hey Ron,

Omg, I am SO sorry I haven't visit your blog in a LONG time but I stumbled across tonight and saw these portraits. You have some SERIOUS talent in the arts. I really enjoyed going through this post and seeing all the portraits, WOW! I love art drawings/paintings. Have a few collection of our own. I once bought a hugh mural from Santa Fe from an older artist. He was getting rid of some of his unfound collection...(even for sale) and I saw one I particularly liked and he gave me a smokin deal on it. It is VERY contemporary but something about it , I just loved. Seriously art portraits are unspoken imaginations. Great job and many success on this career!

Btw, someday I plan on going back to doing some art work myself, maybe oil painting. I do miss it!

Ron said...

Hi Pace Runner. Don't be sorry, I actually just created this blog not very long ago. It's my own fault for not showing my work earlier! :)

I really appreciate you taking the time to look through my work. I hope you do get to do some artwork yourself. I've tried oil painting and it's not quite my thing. The process is just a tiny bit to tedious for me (and turpenoid is kinda smelly :P )

thanks so much for your comment and encouraging words. I'll stop by your blog too, as it's been too long since I've visitied yours as well.