Monday, December 22, 2008

E is for Elvis

E is for Elvis
This is a book I illustrated called "E is for Elvis". Each page has a different letter of the alphabet with a unique fact about Elvis. And even better each letter has it's own unique illustration! I did a lot of caricaturing for this book and it was a long process. It was very hard sometimes to capture the ideas of Elvis, while still being respectable. It was so fun to illustrate this book. I was honored that a few times the authors would even change the writing to fit an idea I had for an illustration. All of the artwork for this book was done digitally.

There are three authors, Lisa Rand, Jenny Ivey, and Calvin Dickinson, all of whom I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to work with. They had previously published another book called Tennessee Tales, but this was their first book working with an illustrator.

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